Benefits of Conducting Drug Testing at Workplace Using Multi Panel Kits

Cocaine is one of the most powerful and extremely addictive drugs that affect the brain directly. Cocaine is a schedule-II drug as it has high potential for abuse and addiction. According to National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), there were 1.9 million current cocaine abusers aged 12 years or older in 2008. The report also states that, there were 722,000 persons aged 12 or older who had used cocaine for the first time within the past 12 months averaging nearly 2,000 initiates per day. UV meter

To detect the cocaine test, the One Step Cocaine Test is simple to administer and detects cocaine metabolite Benzoylecgonine in human urine at a cut-off concentration of 300ng/mL.

Specimen collection:
The urine specimen is collected in a dry and clean container. Urine collected at any time of the day can be used for testing. To obtain a clear specimen, urine with precipitates should be centrifuged, filtered or allowed to settle. The specimen can be stored for up to 48 hours at 2o C to 8o C.

Directions for use:
Test card and urine specimen should be at room temperature i.e. 15° C to 30° C prior to testing. Remove the test card from the pouch and discard the small moisture absorbent packet immediately. Immerse the test strip vertically in the urine specimen for at least 10 to 15 seconds with arrows pointing towards the urine specimen. Then place the test card on a non-absorbent surface and start the timer. Wait for the red lines to appear and take the results at 5 minutes.

Interpretation of the results:
For a positive result, one red line appears in the control region and no line appears in the test region. However, for the negative result two lines appear- a red line in control region and another red or pink line appear in the test region. For an invalid result, control line fails to appear. The most likely reasons for a failure are insufficient specimen volume or incorrect procedural techniques.

Cocaine abuse is a major public health concern today. Detecting the abusers is very important by using simple and quick tests like one-step Cocaine test can help in deterring them from abuse.


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