MLM Business Leads – How Many Is Enough?

Having Enough MLM Business Leads Can Determine Whether You Become A Statistic Or A Success

There are many ways to generate MLM business leads. Some methods will get you better more targeted leads than others. For example your own blog site would bring you a more targeted set of leads than some random ad in a classified section of your local newspaper. My first few go-rounds in the MLM game I had no idea how to even drum up new leads for my business. lead generation companies for small businesses

Then I was fortunate enough to learn the principles of attraction marketing. After implementing the fundamentals behind this self branding, attraction based, style of personal marketing. And taking MASSIVE action I began to see results. Not overnight, but still real tangible results. Free MLM Business Leads in my inbox on a daily basis.

So How many MLM Business Leads Will Make A Difference In Your Business?

The truth is all of the leads in the world won’t make a difference in the world unless you know what to do with them. But let’s just assume you’re a recruiting prodigy and you just need some MLM business leads to sharpen your skills on and hopefully you’ll recruit some new distributors.

For me the magic number was 25. That’s 25 new hot, interested, ready to buy, MLM business leads every single day. Why? Because if you connect, (the keyword is connect) with 25 people on a daily basis, you’re recruiting skills will grow rapidly. In fact when you have leads lining up, rejection becomes a non-factor because with a fresh list of leads you really don’t feel rejected and you just realize that your business opportunity isn’t going to be for everyone.

How To Get Your Very Own Laser Targeted MLM Business Leads

1. The most important thing you’ll need to take away from this post is that you should always lead with value and not your sales pitch. If you bring value to the table with consistency and only people will be naturally be attracted to you and believe it or not they’ll want to know more about your business, giving you the opportunity to do your presentation.

The big difference being here is that they asked. See how this really creates a paradigm shift, they’re asking to know, you’re not selling, you’re sharing. BIG difference from what all of the struggling network marketers are doing with their MLM business leads. Essentially they’re wasting them. What a turn off..someone gets you on the phone and before you know it they want your credit card info. It’s no wonder network marketing get’s such a bad rap.

2. Network Marketing /MLM is a relationship based business structure. People will join you because of you. Not because the juice you sell has the best of the best ingredients or because you have the cheapest travel available to the most destinations.

The bottom line is if you can’t connect with your prospects they will not join you in your business opportunity regardless of what it may be, or that it’s a no-brainer of a money maker. If you bring value to the table and focus on your relationship building you’ll have more leads than you can handle for your MLM business

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