Handmade Moroccan Rugs

Made from organic, hand woven wool, handmade Moroccan rugs can lend a one-of-a-kind stylish look to your home or office decor. They can be used as a flooring accessory, hung on walls or used as throws to simply freshen up any space and make it look more comfortable and luxurious.
The Moroccan rug families can be assimilated into five major categories based on their origin and the weaving/piling techniques used to make them:

The Kilim familiy: This is probably the oldest Moroccan Tribal Rug Class in the world. Some historians believe that their origin could be traced as far back as the 6th century B.C. This type of flatwoven tapestry has spread across North Africa as nomadic tribes developed their textile skills to adjust to the harsh Sahara desert life.

The Glaoui family: These Moroccan rugs originate from the Atlas Mountains and use a combination of flatweaving and piling techniques. The wool and dyes used to make this type of rugs are all-natural and the design itself consists of a combination of separately piled patterns, brought together to form the final piece. These rugs can be very colorful.

The Beni Ourain family: Weaved by the Beni Ourain Berber tribes of the northeastern Middle Atlas, these distinctive vintage-looking, white pile carpets represent a direct link to the earlier nomadic Berber weaving traditions.

The typical Beni Ouarain carpet design has a set of diamonds made up of relatively fine black lines on an off white background. Border patterns are the result of external influences. beni ourain rug

The Royal family: This is the most prestigious rug available in Moro cco. Some even compare it to its Iranian cousin: The Persian Rug. Introduced by the Gharnatis, who were expelled from Andalusia in the 15th century, the Royal Moroccan Rug is identified by its wide ornate border around a free central field containing medallions and grain motifs. The execution and selection of colors are carried out with particular care to produce an intricate and beautifully finished masterpiece.

The Antique family: When applied to Moroccan tapestry, the term “Antique” describes more than just the passage of time. Antique Moroccan rugs are masterpieces that were made before the 1950’s with the best quality hand-spun wool and vegetable dyes. The oldest existing Antique Moroccan Rugs can be dated as far back as the 17th century during the rule of the Saadi Dynasty in Morocco and sell for $10,000 or more. Appreciating in value while remaining a multifaceted piece, Antique Moroccan Rugs are considered to be investments that could accrue over many generations. The collectors of such unique pieces value their historical importance and they consider their Antique Rugs as a bridge to Morocco’s abundantly rich past.


Tao’s ethnic background has shaped his fascination with craftsmanship; his parents are berbers from southern Morocco. These were the indigenous people of North Africa who had a diverse religious background (Mostly Muslim and Jewish). Tao’s responsibilities include selecting the best handmade Moroccan designs, managing technical and financial issues, and making sure that MyCraftwork, LLC grows with happy customers. He greatly enjoys communicating with anyone who appreciates the beauty in handmade crafts. Tao holds two Engineering Degrees from the University of Maine and speaks fluent Arabic, French and English.

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