Steps On Doing Cartoon Embroidery Designs


When it comes to cartoon embroidery designs, we all are fascinated by having one on our clothes. No matter, it is a simple looking Mickey Mouse or something more interesting; cartoon embroidery has always been in the eyes of the world and the fashion people. So let’s move further with the steps on doing cartoon embroidery designs on your clothes.

Steps on doing cartoon embroidery designs:

Design and Test

Design your cartoon character and do a little test to perceive what measure functions admirably, what shades of string, what texture, and so forth It’s least demanding to sort that out before you start, as opposed to adjusting your perspective when you’re 10 weavings profound.


To make the weaving movement, you have to vivify. I like to enliven in 2D for my weaving activities, yet you could likewise quicken in 3D. By and by, I figure this would give a rotoscoped feeling, so I’ve abstained from utilizing 3D thus.

Trace and Print

When your liveliness is perfect and complete, print it full scale.

Utilizing a lightbox and a pencil, follow the drawings onto your texture. I don’t stitch my texture, so I ensure there’s sufficient space for the texture to shred without pulverizing the space I’m utilizing.

Embroider it!

This step is the most tedious. Since the weavings need to follow the drawings as intently as could be expected under the circumstances, I like to line the layouts before doing the fills. Else, I would experience difficulty finding the specific lines after doing the fills.

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