Top 5 Reasons To Buy The LiveWire GPS Tracker

When you consider the number of real time GPS trackers available on the market, there are two products that are popular with consumers, the Spark Nano and the LiveWire GPS tracker. Both devices give real time data, so I will try and differentiate the main reasons why you might consider the LiveWire tracker. android gps tracker spy 

1. Extremely accurate and powerful. This device is regarded as one of the most powerful and accurate in comparison to it’s competitors. The real time tracking updates are done every 5 seconds, using a quality mapping protocol. What this means is, you will receive constant tracking data over a web interface as well as SMS, skype and other communication methods.

2. No Contract. If you are looking for a device that has no long term contracts, the LiveWire GPS tracker is one to short list. You only choose a subscription plan based on 5 or 10 second real time updates. This is useful particularly if you don’t want to be bogged down into a long term service contract.

3. Multi-Use. Are you looking for a tracking device to keep an eye on how and where your teenager is driving your vehicle? Maybe you need a GPS tracker to monitor how employees are using company vehicles. Are you looking for a tracking device for fleet and business vehicles? Whatever the reason, the LiveWire GPS tracker has the capability and flexibility to your requirements.

4. Track 500 vehicles on a single map. If you want to track a fleet of cars at the same time, you can do so with the LiveWire GPS interface.

5. Flexible Battery. Because the unit is wired directly onto a vehicle’s electrical system, the GPS tracker transmits signals continuously. There’s no need for you the recover the device to replace batteries. This is important especially when you need the tracker to work in case of emergencies.

As with anything you purchase, there are gadgets that do a lot more than you really need. If you need a device that has all the capabilities mentioned then it is worth considering, otherwise you are wasting your money.

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